Saturday, February 26, 2011

Anything For You...!

Why a MayGirl? 
A night under the stars he gave me that name!! We met on the 31st of May in 2005!
Why shinning?    
His very first words to me... 
Six years after: he is my so handsome husband and the sweetest father of our two angels!
V, Niki B. and little mr. A make my world BardiLisciouS!
For you my loves....
I  would do anything!
Yours forever,


  1. I love you and adore you for who you are and what you 've given me. I would do anything for you, for them, for us

  2. U ve been the ideal / inspiratiional couple for me ! And that's another way you prove it!

    Love- M koubara

  3. Sti mia...

    irinara ths pareas,

    rinio twn danelian,

    irinaki tis b&m,

    rinoula tis grand,

    inini tou titou,

    iran tou avgor....

    ma monadikh mama twn n&a!!!

    pou se ola apada kai gia olous laxtara ma san akousei to mama ap ta 2 tis ta paidia ola girw tis swpoune kai anoigei mia agalia pou apo mesa tis xtipa tis manoulas i kardia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you are the best sis in all so many ways..but as mom...YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE!!!!!!!I LOVE YOU!!!

  4. V, M and B I Love YoU!!
    I am so lucky to have been blessed with such perfect people in my life!